Robert Ramsay

Robert Ramsay

Programmer / Game Developer / Creator

I am a young professional who enjoys making things. I make things with my hands, with machines, with computers, and with my mind. The creation of something - from forming an idea to shipping it out the door - is a process I love being a part of and to help others be a part of.

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Work Experience

  • Microsoft - Software Development Engineer

    Turn 10 Studios - Tools and Automation - Forza Motorsport 6/Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

    • Designed and implemented numerous systems to facilitate the studio’s first ever multiplatform release.
    • Provided rapid support and resolution to issues that arose from unexpected interactions between infrastructure systems.
    • Functioned as technological liaison between multiple teams to enable in-house users to better utilize the technologies provided to them by our Tools, Automation, and Pipeline teams.

  • Deloitte - Software Engineer

    Department of State - .NET Web Programmer - American Citizen Services & Non-Citizen Services

    • Completely rebuilt and modernized an application using Javascript, ASP.NET, and C# which substantially improved performance and allowed users to handle more cases per hour and ultimately saving lives.
    • Performed the function of Lead Developer for the entire duration of a modernization effort.
    • Was a key contributor to design and functionality decisions with shared authority over implementation on a public website with millions of users.
    • Performed a complete refactoring of an existing application with millions of users which substantially improved performance and reduced overhead for future development efforts.

    Department of State - Team Foundation Server Admin - American Citizen Services & Non-Citizen Services

    • Designed and proposed new methodologies and standards for an account-wide implementation of TFS 2013 which involved transitioning and upgrading multiple teams from earlier versions or other services entirely.
    • Created a custom Agile process template for the new Team Foundation Server implementation and held information sessions to instruct users on the functionality.
    • Administered nearly a dozen Projects within three Collections in addition to their repositories and automating their builds.

  • Booz Allen Hamilton - Software Engineer

    Department of Veterans Affairs - .NET Web Programmer

    • Inspired and developed a new .NET module (the first in the ColdFusion application) using C# and OpenXML to handle robust automated document generation, greatly increasing client productivity.
    • Implemented UI tests for all modules of the application using ColdFusion, CFSelenium, and MXUnit.

    Internal - Flex Mobile Programmer

    • Developed a new module for a cross-platform mobile application that allowed users to create and save text annotations to a map at specific coordinates.

    Transportation Security Administration - Flex Web Programmer

    • Followed client guidelines to create multiple interactive visualizations using the Flare library for Flex.

Personal Projects

  • Worm Audiobook Project

    • Gathered other like-minded fans of the original work to reproduce it as an audiobook in podcast form after confirming with the original author that he had no intention of making one.
    • Organized production schedule and contributor allocation to maintain a three episode per week release schedule for the lifetime of the project without missing a single deadline.
    • Designed and administered website to allow for easy content creation, instruction, organization, and automated posting to facilitate a consistent thrice-weekly release schedule.
    • Recruited and vetted new contributors and coordinated chapter narration assignments across the team.

  • Lakewood Plaza Turbo: Battle Ball
    Cartoon Network 2016

    • Successfully formed team from among other registered participants prior to the event.
    • Lead and managed team of two programmers, two artists, and one audio engineer for the full event.
    • Set milestones and managed tasking priorities, successfully meeting them on time, in addition to creating, updating, and maintaining the Asset Plan and Asset List.

  • Habitual Sacrifices
    Global Game Jam 2016

    • Formed and managed a large team of five artists and four programmers to successfully create a minigame-based game within the time limit.
    • Managed tasking for the team as well as performing frequent adjustments to prioritization to most effectively utilize the bandwidth of every member.
    • Personally mixed various audio sources to create constantly shifting BGM system.
    • Recorded myself making demon sounds in a public elevator :P

  • (Don't) Crash & Burn
    Global Game Jam 2015

    • Lead and managed team of three programmers, two 3D artists, and two 2D artists for the full event.
    • Set milestones and managed tasking priorities, successfully meeting them on time, in addition to creating, updating, and maintaining the Asset Plan and Asset List.
    • Personally developed all multiplayer functionality using Photon for Unity.
    • Acquired and edited audio assets for background music and sound effects, then implemented them in-game.

  • Bad Heart
    Global Game Jam 2013

    • Functioned as project lead by leading feature and implementation discussions, managing task and requirements lists, and delegating responsibilities throughout the team of five (two programmers, two artists, and one audio).
    • Personally developed all code (excluding the QWOP-like mechanic) using the Unity engine and C#.

  • Star Sharks
    IGDA DC Summer Game Jam 2012

    • Functioned as project lead by leading feature and implementation discussions; managing the prioritized task, asset, and feature lists; manually merging all code; and delegating tasks throughout the team of seven.
    • Developed all collision detection and physics interaction using the Unity engine and C#.

  • NightRoad
    Global Game Jam 2012

    • Managed the team’s task-tracking and asset lists, in addition to ranking and updating their priorities.
    • Developed all aspects of creation and destruction of interactive objects using the Unity engine and C#.

  • Education

    • University of Rochester

      Bachelors of Arts in Economics

      Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

    • Temple University Japan Campus

      Studied International Business at Temple University Japan in Tokyo

My Location

Bellevue, WA 98005

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